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SOAR NWA & Cruising the Ozarks Partnership

Cruising the Ozarks was happy to partner with SOAR NWA for our 2nd event in a row to provide a vehicle exhibit during the event.


This years exhibit was all about the past generations of vehicles. We were able to present one example of each generation of Mustangs, Camaros, GTO's and Firebirds.

It was difficult but turned out great. You can image how difficult it is to find a Mustang II in good condition (that's if you even knew there was a Mustang II).

Being able to share with everyone the different generations in a story telling line up was something that I can't remember ever seeing before.

Cruising the Ozarks is grateful for being asked to be part of such a great event and look forward to this on-going partnership with Open Avenues.

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