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The Show-Drive-Give Scholarship, sponsored by Cruising the Ozarks, is a prestigious award designed to support students who are planning to pursue a career in the skilled trades. The scholarship is open to anyone who plan to attend a trade school in pursuit of a technical education.

The Scholarship committee will review all applications received, evaluating them on a variety of criteria, including academic achievement, leadership, and community involvement. In addition, the committee will consider each applicant's passion for the automotive industry, as well as their potential to make a meaningful contribution to the field.

The scholarship award amount varies from year to year, but is typically a significant sum, intended to provide the recipient with financial support to pursue their educational goals.

The Show-Drive-Give Scholarship represents an exceptional opportunity for students who are committed to excellence in the trades. By providing financial support to deserving individuals, the scholarship helps to ensure that the next generation of skilled workers has the training and resources necessary to succeed in their chosen careers.

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