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SHOW-DRIVE-GIVE Scholarship Fundraiser

A message from our President; Michael Clark

We all know that education is important. We also know that trade schools are critical to keeping a steady source of young individuals involved in the automotive trades. Education isn't cheap, and paying for it isn't easy on many young folks.

The SHOW-DRIVE-GIVE Scholarship helps remove some of these roadblocks by helping with the cost of tuition, buying tools and just surviving while attending school.

Cruising the Ozarks has teamed up with NWA GIVES to host our fundraiser where we are hoping to reach our scholarship goal this year of $10,000. Giving through NWA GIVES gives CTO the opportunity to have some matching funds for the scholarship. So even a small donation of $50 can easily turn into $100, the same for a donation of $500 can turn into a $1,000.

So, please consider helping us reach our goal and helping young individuals reach their goal, keeping the love for all things automotive alive.

Thank you,

Michael Clark

Cruising the Ozarks

President and Found

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