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Mad Dash to Pikes Peaks

To say the least, this has been a bucket list for man folks, including for myself. Just understanding what it takes to get there can overwhelm folks, but then making all the plans of finding hotels, places to eat, tickets for getting to the summit at Pikes Peak can just be too much. Well, that's where CTO steps in, making all the planning, yet still giving folks choices on how their adventure will go. Kind of the best of both worlds. Maybe you want to live up the high life in Colorado Springs or stay on the low-end side of things, its up to you. But no one should every be excluded because they don't want to (our just can afford it) stay in a 4-star hotel. That's been one of CTO biggest positions on our approach to event; everyone and anything is welcome, because everyone is.

So with that said, we headed off to Pikes Peaks on Friday with 4 vehicles from Northwest Arkansas, picked up 3 more in Joplin and headed west. It was a nice mix of vehicles, from a Dodge Challenger, Suburban, Santa Cruz, Audi, Ford Mustang and a completely built 350Z without an interior. It may be a long ways out there, but it was worth it. We were even surprised to run into two separate individuals from Northwest Arkansas on our way up Pikes Peak, small world it seems.

I'm not sure what I expected out of this trip or what I expected once I got to the top of Pikes Peak, but I wasn't disappointed. We even got to take in a small morning car event at the local Porsche dealer, super nice guys. Oh... and if you do make it out there and you've never been before, make sure you check out Garden of the Gods.

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Russell & Lenora
Russell & Lenora
Aug 01, 2023

Awesome! Great group of peeps!

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