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Largest CTO Cars & Coffee? Absolutely!

Wow! We are simply blown away by the support of our automotive community. We hosted the largest automotive gathering in a three state area this month as our CTO Cars & Coffee. We had well over 700 cars on display and an easy 1000 spectators walking around taking in the sights. Whether you're into super cars, electric cars, classics, imports or the oddball unique cars, there was something for everyone.

CTO setup a tent and provided some music and giveaway items for anyone attending. If you brought a car to display, you received an additional ticket. We had some great giveaway items that the lucky winners were happy to take home.

We also challenged our community to bring their car organizations or clubs together to help make this the largest event ever and boy did they deliver. We asked everyone to take some photos and post them on our Facebook page to tag their members and show us how many representatives came from each group. From the NWA Yugo Owners Association, Heartbeat of the Ozarks, the British Iron Club to the NWA Pony Express, each club delivered an amazing amount of support and we cannot thank you enough. At the end of the day, it was close competition to be the winner of the largest group award. The Joplin Meet & Cruise group brought over 64 cars to CTO Cars & Coffee just barely outnumbering the NWA Pony Express group.

Again, we want to thank everyone for their continued support for Cruising the Ozarks and the community as a whole. The Joplin Meet & Cruise group took home the award this year, who will claim it from them next year?

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