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Get Out & Drive - February Edition

I can't think of a better way to kick off the Get Out & Drive 2024 season than hitting some roads up in the Missouri area.  Right at 30 vehicles showed up including several of the local Miata Club members.  There were also some nice-looking classics that decided to get out and drive with us.  And yes, I’m counting the Conquest as a classic, how can you not?  We also had a hand full of Corvettes join the group.  In fact, that was just a huge variety of vehicles that made it out.

The route was well selected, heading north to Missouri 90 that eventually lead us to Roaring River where we took a short stop to check out each other’s cars. From Roaring River, we made it over to Hwy 86 over towards Eagle Rock.  Taking Hwy 86 north we worked our way to Cassville’s Casey’s Convenience Store where we filled the parking lot up and hung out for bit.

At this point, it was kind of the of the drive.  Some folks headed off in different directions, but a few decided to follow me and my crazy idea of hitting some additional roads.  All in, we still made it back to Allen’s Food Market by around noon.  Felt like just the right amount of two-laned roads to kick the season off with.

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Sweet...sorry I missed it. Maybe next time!

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