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Giving back - Show-Drive-Give Scholarship

Education is so important no matter what level you’re at. We’re never too old to learn new things or continue to chase our dreams. This is why the Show-Drive-Give Scholarship is so important to me. With the high cost of continuing education, some students feel defeated or overwhelmed at the thought of having to take out student loans and put themselves in debt just to start a program to further their education. When we started the Show-Drive-Give Scholarship, we had two goals. Help students achieve their academic goals to enter a career that also helps the entire automotive community and to also get more involved with our community. I’m happy to share that we’ve given out over $6,000 since starting the Show-Drive-Give Scholarship program in 2022. It’s my personal goal that in 5 years’ time, we’re able to award at least 10 scholarships per year and with the help of the community and our partners, we should easily be able to achieve this goal.


Just last week, we awarded our second scholarship for this year to a young man who is working hard to put himself through school while also taking care of family. Nick Stephens is a student at Crowder Technical School in the Diesel Mechanics program. He already has a plan for his future once he completes his program. He plans to work for MO DOT, maintaining their fleet. His dedication to his goals and education is going to set him up for his future and land him a career where his passion lies. He will also be providing a very important service to his community by being part of the team that is vital to the state and members of the community.


Getting to visit with Crowder Technical Education and instructor, Clarence Brewer, was a true honor. Watching these students work on these trucks, carefully assembling critical engine components that helps keep America running is eye opening. You can feel the sense of pride the students have when visiting with them. They’re passionate about their studies and futures.

I look forward to our continued partnership with Crowder Technical Education as well as NWTI so that we can continue to help bright minds reach their educational goals and join the workforce to support the community. I also hope that as Cruising the Ozarks continues to grow, expand our reach, and help more students that we can begin partnering with more vocational schools across the country. I thank you for your continued support for CTO on behalf of the board members. Everything we do, we do for you. Without you, CTO wouldn’t exist, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are truly grateful to have such an amazing community behind us to support us as we push forward with our goals.


Richie Lovan

Community Outreach Director, Cruising the Ozarks

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