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The title says it all. Get out & drive. Either with friends, by yourself or maybe even make a few friends along the way. Cruising the Ozarks has another organized driving events where we take groups out to explore and enjoy the beautiful area we live in.

This months tour took us out through Missouri and didn't disappoint. It didn't hurt that we started the day off at Red Barn Donuts, always good stuff and once we got our sugar fix we grouped up for the drive.

But before we could head out, those that had already showed up was treated to a nice surprise. How about a mother and daughter pulling up in a VW Super Beetle? The daughter was at the wheel, learning how to drive the stick shift Beetle. Everyone greeted them as if they were veteran drivers and was ready to hit the roads. Both mother and daughter (and the little bug) made the whole drive and had a blast.

At our last stop we had some folks stop to check out the cars and what we were doing. Their Redeye Dodge Challenger decided it wanted to join the last part of the drive and just like that we had new friends...

That to me is what Cruising the Ozarks is all about. Everyone and anything is welcome at our events. From a 17 year old young lady learning to drive a stick shift VW to some folks that just moved to the area and were out exploring that decided to join us on our drive. Cruising the Ozarks is far more than an automotive organization, we are community, we are networking and we are just some good folks helping each other.

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