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CTO Private Track Day at Hallett with Randy Pobst.

What a blast and to be honest, I think it was better than our last track day. Randy Pobst never disappoints, due to being such a down to earth guy. Not only did folks get lots of track times, but there was more than just racing around a track going on. Dawn, one of the CTO Board Members worked a hot grill to serve up hamburgers and hot dogs to everyone. Randy Lamp (he got the nickname of Randy-1) went above and beyound by making some amazing drink tumbers that we gave out to folks. Can't forget about our CTO Special Awards, which unfortunitly now includes the 'Bobby D Hard Luck Award' for future events. We are really sad about the engine in your car, but you were tearing it up out there on the track.

One other major note to discuss, Randy-1 (Randy Lamp) spoke to the group about his emotional connection with the CTO Mission and how his own past was dependent on vocational schools. During Randy's discussion with the group, he offered to match any donations from the event through the end of June up to $3000. What an amazing guy!

Lastly, Annika... During our last visit with Randy Pobst (AKA Randy-2) in 2020, he suggested and asked for a dedicated 'handler' to help with things. Annika, another CTO Board member quickly jumped in as Randy's handler. To Annika's surprise, Randy ran her ragged, but in a good way. Big thank you to Annika for taking on that Task.

Dang, I didn't even get to talk about having Randy Pobst at our CTO Cars & Coffee or at the Reaction Motorsports Autocross. I guess I'll have to save those cool stories for another blog post.

Keep an eye out for a complete photo dump from the entire weekend.

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